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Downloadable Resources

Promotional Materials

As you begin to think about formation of a Franciscan Solidarity Table, you will want to have simple explanatory documents to offer to interested people. We have developed a one page flyer and foldable brochure for just this purpose.

One Page Flyer

Digital Brochure

Foldable Brochure for printing (Print on 8.5 X 11, double sided for folding)

Bulletin Announcement

Facilitator's Guide and Member's Handbook

The Facilitator’s Guide and Member’s Handbook listed here are meant to offer guidance and information to help you navigate the Phases as you build your FST. Further below you will find additional resources for each Phase of a Franciscan Solidarity Table.

Click on the links below to view and download each of these resource guides. We ask that you consider the environment before printing them and print on both sides of the paper when possible.

Facilitator’s Guide (PDF, 26 pages)

Member’s Handbook (PDF, 19 pages)

Supporting Resources for each Phase

Phase I: Building Relationships and a Franciscan Foundation

Books/Longer Readings

Phase II: Minority and Solidarity


Required Reading/Viewing to then Discuss
Recommended Materials to Read or Watch and Discuss

Phase IV: Love in Action

"Coming soon"

Recommended Materials to Read or Watch and Discuss

For more information about how begin a Franciscan Solidarity Table or connect to one in your area:

Contact the Manager of Franciscan Solidarity Tables, Nora Pfeiffer

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