Working for Environmental Justice

The “Working for Environmental Justice” campaign is a continuation of FAN’s collaboration with the Franciscan Federation and the Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia, advocating for people and communities disproportionately and negatively affected by environmental degradation and climate change. As Franciscans, we are committed to standing in solidarity with those working for fair and equal access to clean air, water, and land for all communities.

What are we doing now?

FAN is excited to bring our network a 2-part series of workshops dedicated to education on environmental justice. “Awakening to Environmental Justice” is a 2-part Virtual Workshop Series on April 2 & 9 at 4pm ET (1pm PT). We encourage you to join us to learn how to research cases of environmental injustice in your state and how to engage with local activists.

There is no cost to attend these workshops, however if you are able, please consider donating an amount you can afford to help defray the costs of these workshops.

Take Action:

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What is environmental justice?

Environmental justice is “the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people” in environmental policies, procedures, and legislation (EPA). Environmental justice acknowledges that all people have the right to a healthful climate and environment, while recognizing that communities of color and/or low-wealth continue to suffer the disproportionate effects of environmental degradation due to systemic racism. A “just transition” to a sustainable future is essential; the construction of this future must be done in an inclusive manner that leaves no one behind.

What have we done so far?

In fall of 2022, Franciscan Action Network, together with the Franciscan Federation and the Franciscan Friars (OFM) US-6 JPIC Working Group, offered a 4-part webinar series on Confronting Environmental Racism, based on the Federation’s 2022-23 resolution to focus on this issue.

In 2023, we focused attention on three regions in our nation – the Permian Basin and Chaco Canyon in New Mexico; St. James, Louisiana; and Chester, Pennsylvania – as case studies of ongoing environmental injustice. At three webinars, we learned from affected communities and local advocates in each region about their experiences, how they are advocating for change, and what we can do to amplify their efforts. Based on the guidance of the affected speakers of each webinar, we supported advocacy efforts at the national, state, and local levels.

How can I become involved?

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