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2021 News Mentions

12/25/2021 North Bay
Jan. 6th Day of Remembrance & Action Vigil to Defend Democracy

12/24/2021 East Bay
Jan. 6th Day of Remembrance & Action for Democracy Vigil Rally

12/22/2021 National Catholic Reporter
West Virginia faith leaders deliver Christmas card to bring Manchin back to Build Back Better bill

12/20/2021 Catholic Philly
At year’s end, little change on the U.S. immigration front

12/17/2021 Whistleblower
Joint Letter Responding to RMX 2.0 and Title 42 Continuation

11/18/2021 Senator Markey
Senator Markey Files NDAA Amendment to Redirect Defense Dept. Funds to Address Climate Crisis

11/12/2021 Independent Catholic News
Pax Christi USA response to Archbishop’s views on social justice movements

11/09/2021 The Dialog
Sisters of St. Francis: ‘It’s a way … of living the charism in their own lives’ — National Vocations Awareness Week

11/03/2021 The Hill
Anti-Semitism: What it is, what it isn’t and why it matters

10/26/2021 Star Tribune
Dennis W. Dunne Obituary

10/22/2021 Washington Post
Protesting Zionism, climate activist group won’t rally in DC with Jewish groups

10/08/2021 The Whistleblower
Biden Admin Must Stop ICE Expansion

10/05/2021 National Catholic Reporter
Catholic, Protestant groups support commission on US Indian boarding school policy

10/04/2021 Washington Post
Catholic, Protestant groups support commission on US Indian boarding school policy

09/24/2021 Catholic Sentinel
Discontent grows among Biden’s allies over migrant treatment

09/24/2021 Catholic Philly
Discontent grows among Biden’s allies over migrant treatment

09/23/2021 Center for American Progress
RELEASE: Faith Leaders Deliver Petition Signed by 7,000 People of Faith to Members of Congress Calling for Passage of Reconciliation Bill

09/22/2021 The Whistleblower
Congress Must Pass the Protecting Our Democracy Act

09/03/2021 The Whistleblower
NDAA National Guard Amendments Coalition Letter to Congress

08/25/2021 Fox 21 News
Congressman Neguse introduces bill to secure Federal background checks

08/18/2021 HNP Friar News Briefs
Friar News Brief re: Covid 19 Vaccines work in Durham, NC

08/09/2021 National Catholic Reporter
A tribute to Trumka, a Catholic whose work we must carry on

07/30/2021 Idependant Catholic News
Laudato Si’ Movement launches its new name

07/22/2021 People’s World
PRO Act drive revs up as faith groups back legislation

07/20/2021 The Hill
The faith community can help pass a reparations bill

07/13/2021 Catholic News Service
ICE announces reversal of policy of detaining pregnant, nursing migrants

07/13/2021 Cory Booker’s Office
Booker Reintroduces Bill to Reform Farm System With Expanded Support From Farm, Labor, Environment, Public Health, Faith Based and Animal Welfare Groups

07/13/2021 National Catholic Reporter
ICE announces reversal of policy of detaining pregnant, nursing migrants

06/29/2021 Daily Beast
Biden Communion Fight Raises Stakes for Vatican Ambassador Pick

06/26/2021 The Economist
American bishops want to deny Joe Biden Catholic holy communion

06/20/2021 Security & Sustainability Guide
Religious Groups

06/17/2021 US Catholic
11 U.S. Catholic essays by dads

06/15/2021 Washington Post
Catholic bishops this week will discuss if Biden qualifies for Communion.

06/10/2021 Politics Done Right
Jason Miller discusses Senator Joe Manchin’s intransigence on filibuster and more.

06/10/2021 Van Hollen for Senate Campaign page
Van Hollen, Beyer Reintroduce Millionaires Surtax to Invest in Working Families

06/08/2021 US Catholic
We don’t understand religious freedom. COVID-19 proved it.

05/29/2021 Sierra Sun Times
U.S. Senators Alex Padilla and Chris Coons Introduce Two Bills to Prevent Future Muslim Bans

05/20/2021 The Dialog/Catholic News Service
Wider dialogue with government on environmental issues welcomed by faith-based groups

05/20/2021 Catholic New York
LTE: Conception Until Natural Death

04/30/2021 Insider NJ
Pascrell, Ocasio-Cortez, Kaptur Lead Colleagues Demanding Support for Postal Banking

04/29/2021 Patheos
Catholic Reactions to Joe Biden’s Speech to Joint Session of Congress

04/29/2021 Catholic Courier
‘America is on the move again,’ Biden says in address to nation

04/27/2021 ReliefWeb
World religious leaders call for massive increases in production of Covid vaccines and end to vaccine nationalism

04/22/2021 National Catholic Reporter
Links: the Catholic left, Amy Coney Barrett and the importance of distinctions

04/22/2021 National Herald
Maloney: The NO BAN Act- 1st Step towards a More Just, Humane Immigration System

04/15/2021 Global Sisters Report
Serving those in the shadows, sisters follow in footsteps of women long gone

04/13/2021 Irish Central
Irish Americans among favorites for US Ambassador to the Vatican and Pope Francis

04/12/2021 America Magazine
Who will Joe Biden send to Rome? 8 top contenders for U.S. ambassador to the Vatican

04/09/2021 The Dialogue
Interfaith activists present plan to Biden administration to speed up reunification of border families

04/08/2021 National Catholic Reporter
Major Catholic funders and power brokers spearhead voter suppression efforts

04/08/2021 Catholic Spirit
Group asks Biden administration to step up reunification of border families

03/22/2021 Catholic Universe
House passes two immigration bills with citizenship provisions

03/19/2021 Catholic News Service
House passes two immigration bills with citizenship provisions

03/18/2021 Idependant Catholic News
USA: Thousands call for Archbishop who attacks Biden to be removed from committee

03/17/2021 VT Digger
Sanders and colleagues introduce legislation to combat corporate greed and end outrageous CEO pay

03/09/2021 New Republic
How Big Money Is Dividing American Catholicism

03/03/2021 Baltimore Sun
Dianne Ganz Scheper, former coordinator and teacher in Johns Hopkins’ Master of Liberal Arts program, dies

02/26/2021 Angelus News
Catholic organizations urge Biden to return U.S. to Iran nuclear deal

02/19/2021 Insurance News Net
American Friends Service Committee: Faith Groups Urge Congress to Cut Pentagon Spending

02/14/2021 National Catholic Reporter
Biden reestablishes White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships

1/27/2021 National Catholic Reporter Earthbeat
Faith groups applaud Biden’s ‘bold’ executive actions on climate, environmental justice

01/08/2021 It’s All in God’s Plan Blog
These Epiphany visitors did not come bearing gifts

01/06/2021 Catholic San Francisco
Religious leaders: Reject bid to overturn presidential election results

2020 News Mentions

12/22/2020 Joel Mazmanian Blog
The Franciscan Action Network took aim at conservative lawmakers through a series of videos aimed at tackling progressive issues.

12/21/2020 Government Accountability Project
Framingham Source: Sen. Warren Re-Introduces the Anti-Corruption & Public Integrity Act

12/17/2020 Orthodox Observer News
Greening the Parish Webinar Series

12/10/2020 Breitbart
Groups call for end of ‘politically motivated’ executions in D.C. protest

11/17/2020 Alt Energy Mag
Multi-Sector Coalition Urges Congress to Include Support For Clean Energy and Clean Transportation in Must-Pass Legislation This Year

11/16/2020 RollCall
Photos of the day: Caged bear

11/13/2020 Church Times
Paul Vallely: Biden’s politics are rooted in his faith

11/09/2020 Express UK
Where was Joe Biden born, what religion is Joe Biden, is he Catholic?

11/07/2020 National Catholic Reporter
Editorial: NCR congratulates Joe Biden, our nation’s second Catholic president

11/07/2020 America Magazine
Joe Biden will be the second Catholic president. Here’s what you need to know about his faith.

11/03/2020 National Catholic Reporter
#CatholicsVote2020: An election live blog (5am & 6:52p)

11/03/2020 Toledo Blade
LTE: Vote your values`

11/01/2020 Country Contemplative Blog
Donate to FAN

10/29/2020 National Catholic Reporter

Faith leaders working to ensure that every vote counts and encourage nonviolence after election

10/23/2020 National Catholic Reporter

Faith groups organize to motivate, mobilize climate voters as Election Day nears

10/22/2020 National Catholic Reporter

Links for 10/22/20

10/19/2020 US Catholic Magazine

For many U.S. Catholics, justice issues are central to pro-life values

10/14/2020 The Dialog

Women religious working across the U.S. to ensure citizens can exercise right to vote

10/12/2020 “Global Sisters Report”

Sisters registering as many people as they can to vote

10/12/2020 Clinton Herald Franciscan Moment online discussion offered

10/02/2020 National Catholic Reporter

Why is Francis of Assisi the patron saint of ecology?

10/01/2020 Telemundo

Trump propone reducir número de refugiados en el nuevo año fiscal, y activistas religiosos lo acusan de “inmoral”

09/23/2020 Newsmax
Attorney General Barr: Religion ‘Under Siege by Secularists’

09/22/2020 Independant Catholic News
USA: 200 Catholic leaders ask AG Barr to reject award

09/21/2020 Religion News Service
National Catholic Prayer Breakfast award for Barr divides Catholics

09/15/2020 Crux Now
Court sides with Trump on right to end TPS

09/14/2020 Catholic Philly
Court sides with Trump on right to end TPS

08/07/2020 CBN News
Biden and Trump Begin the Long Battle for the ‘Faith Vote’

08/06/2020 Scoop Independant News
Advocates Call On Congress To Fund Elections Immediately

08/05/2020 Civil
Advocates Call on Congress to Fund Elections Immediately

07/30/2020 National Catholic Reporter
How Joe Biden’s Catholic roots have shaped his public life

07/30/2020 CatholicPhilly
Advocates demand ICE comply with order to release children in detention

07/29/2020 National Catholic Reporter
Advocates demand ICE comply with order to release children in detention

07/24/2020 NCR – EarthBeat
Upcoming Event:

07/16/2020 NCR – EarthBeat
Faith leaders rebuke Trump’s rollback of major environmental law

07/03/2020 Crux Now
Catholic activists warn of new family separation policy

07/03/2020 Independant Catholic News
Catholic leaders call for families to be freed from US detention centres

07/01/2020 Human Rights Watch
Rights Groups Urge US Congress to End the 1033 Program, Demilitarize Police

06/28/2020 CUA The Tower
Members of Catholic University Community Show Their Support for Black Lives Matter Movement

06/25/2020 U.S. Catholic
Should Catholics serve in the military?

06/23/2020 Morning Call
Your View: Why we should follow Catholic Church on climate change

06/08/2020 Daily Maverick
Donald Trump’s fake Bible photo-op, aka Nothing is sacred anymore

06/05/2020 National Catholic Reporter
Does Archbishop Gregory’s Objection to Trump Break New Ground?

06/02/2020 National Catholic Reporter
Catholic activists protest Trump’s visit to St. John Paul II Shrine

06/02/2020 Crux Now
D.C. archbishop blasts Trump’s visit to John Paul II Shrine

06/02/2020 Stamford Advocate
Catholic Archbishop of Washington slams Trump’s visit to John Paul II shrine

06/02/2020 Washington Post
‘I find it baffling and reprehensible’: Catholic archbishop of Washington slams Trump’s visit to John Paul II shrine

05/22/2020 Commonweal
A Telling Spell of Catholic ‘Leadership’: When Moral Clarity Goes Missing

05/21/2020 National Catholic Reporter
Blog: Editorial independence in Catholic media is critical

05/15/2020 National Catholic Reporter
Here’s what to expect for Laudato Si’ Week as pope’s ecology document turns five

05/15/2020 Texas Impact
Texas Impact’s Weekly Witness: Jason Miller, Franciscan Action Network

05/08/2020 National Catholic Reporter
President Trump cannot have the Catholic endorsement

05/07/2020 National Catholic Reporter
US Catholic magazine unpublishes two articles critical of Cardinal Dolan

05/06/2020 Crux Now
Catholic groups urge Congress to concentrate on poor, marginalized during pandemic

05/05/2020 Catholic News Service
Congress urged to address needs of minorities in new pandemic relief bill

05/04/2020 The Tablet
Dolan defends Trump encounters

05/04/2020 Church Militant
Liberals Hammer NY Cardinal for Cordiality With Trump

05/02/2020 Crux Now
Author looks at Catholic influence on modern progressive politics

05/01/2020 National Catholic Reporter
Catholic social justice leaders protest Cardinal Dolan’s supportive words for Trump

04/23/2020 Crux Now
Cardinal George event looks at Church-State relations, COVID-19 pandemic

04/23/2020 America Magazine
Catholic leaders to Trump: Coronavirus pandemic not an excuse to crack down on immigration

04/22/2020 Christian Headlines
Christian Organizations Speak Out against Trump’s Temporary Immigration Ban

04/21/2020 Christian Post
Some Christian groups condemn Trump’s order temporarily suspending immigration for 60 days

04/21/2020 Hartford Courant
President Trump’s plan to halt legal immigration prompts questions, opposition in Connecticut

04/20/2020 YubaNet
A First Priority for a Biden Administration Will Be Comprehensive Reforms, as Reflected in H.R. 1

04/13/2020 Maryland Matters
Progressive Groups Offer Policymakers Expansive Agenda to Protect Struggling Marylanders

04/12/2020 Washington Post
Pope Francis says coronavirus economic collapse ‘could be the time’ for a universal basic wage

04/10/2020 Toledo Blade
Letters to the Editor: Delay DACA

04/02/2020 EarthBeat
How can I get involved in virtual climate activism?

04/02/2020 National Catholic Reporter
The church after coronavirus: Crisis exposes what is essential

03/29/2020 Crux Now
Catholic organizations urge communities to respond to U.S. census

03/21/2020 Crux Now
Advocacy groups offer tips to stay connected while facing the coronavirus

03/19/2020 Angelus News
Advocacy groups offer tips to stay connected while facing the coronavirus

03/17/2020 Maryland Matters
Letter: Faith Leaders Call on Legislature to Pass Sanctuary Bill Before Ending Session

02/21/2020 National Catholic Reporter
Bloomberg bombs, Warren starts uniting: highlights from the Nevada debate

02/11/2020 Catholic Standard
At Mass, people encouraged to pray, take action to combat human trafficking

02/11/2020 “Global Sisters Report/CNS”
At Mass, people encouraged to pray, act to end human trafficking

02/04/2020 National Catholic Reporter
Nationalist event in Rome warns against ‘pink police state,’ Pope Francis

01/17/2020 National Catholic Reporter
Can Catholics and evangelicals sway politics as the ‘religious left’?

01/13/2020 National Catholic Reporter
Catholic ethicists question US assassination of Iranian general

01/09/2020 Crux Now
American Catholics welcome Trump’s readiness to ’embrace peace’

01/09/2020 Aiken Standard
Column: Who decides who gets in?

01/09/2020 The Tablet
American Catholics Welcome Trump’s Readiness to ‘Embrace Peace’

01/09/2020 National Catholic Reporter
It’s time to change the abortion debate in America

01/08/2020 Townhall
Who Decides Who Gets In?

01/07/2020 The Catholic spirit
Prayer vigil pushes for peaceful solution in Iran crisis

01/07/2020 Chicago Catholic
Morality of drone warfare questioned after attack on Iranian general

01/06/2020 The Catholic spirit
Morality of drone warfare questioned after attack on Iranian general

01/05/2020 Independant Catholic News
US faith groups condemn US aggression towards Iran

01/04/2020 Church of the Bretheren
Church of the Brethren signs ‘Faith Statement on Escalating Violence with Iran’

2019 News Mentions

12/27/2019    National Catholic Reporter
Catholics offer lots of advocacy, get few results on Capitol Hill

12/17/2019    OBN
If seems to be might kill … the 100 most exceptional pictures of 2019

12/14/2019    Crux
Catholics offer lots of advocacy, get few results on Capitol Hill

12/11/2019    National Catholic Reporter
Coalition cites lack of medical treatment in migrant children’s deaths

12/09/2019    Angelus News
Catholics mark anniversary of child’s death at border

12/06/2019    The Progressive
‘Fleeing not Migrating’

12/06/2019    Common Dreams
‘Fleeing not Migrating’

11/22/2019    EarthBeat: NCR
On Capitol Hill, Jesuit students deliver 58,000 Catholic signatures in support of Senate climate bill

11/14/2019    Detroit Metro Times
Rep. Tlaib teams up with Sen. Sanders to combat ‘excessive’ CEO pay

11/13/2019    Ignatian Solidarity Network Blog
Catholics Unite in Support of DACA Program with Rosary Walk and National Rally

11/12/2019    The Hill
Advocacy groups push Senate to include election security money in funding bill

Healing the Desert Wounds that Trump’s Wall Is Opening

11/08/2019    Patheos
 Could this be the Most Anti-life Deed?

11/05/2019    National Catholic Reporter
Catholic, other religious groups endorse ‘Faithful Democracy’ statement

11/05/2019    National Catholic Reporter
Catholics call Trump’s move from Paris climate deal ‘unconscionable

10/25/2019    Black Star News
California Congressman Gomez Intoduces “99.8 Percent” Act to Address America’s Widening Wealth Gao

10/24/2019    AL Reporter
Sewell votes for bill to try to prevent foreign interference in future elections

10/22/2019    Water Online
EPA Kicks Off National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week

10/16/2019    Catholic News Herald
Catholics among those arrested at protest over low refugee cap

10/16/2019    Angelus news
Catholics among those arrested at protest over low refugee cap

10/15/2019    Amnesty International
18 Leaders Arrested Today at the Capitol While Protesting Trump Administration’s Destruction of the Refugee Resettlement Program

10/15/2019    Church Militant
Climate Change Alarmism in the Catholic Church

10/04/2019    Crux catholic
U.S. Church leaders weigh in on Amazon synod days before it opens

09/18/2019    Dunya News
52 organisations pen letter to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to rescind its award for Modi

09/17/2019    PRNewswire
CAIR: 52 Groups Urge Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to Rescind Award to Indian PM Modi

09/05/2019    Eurasia Review
Christian Nationalism Is A Fiction (Part II) – OpEd

09/05/2019    NH Labor News
Congress Must Stop Big Business, Wealthy Donors From Influencing Our Elections

09/04/2019   Multiple Media Reports
Catholic Day of Action for Immigrant Children, Newark, NJ

09/03/2019    Newsweek
Catholic Leaders March on ICE Office in New Jersey Against Child Separation at the Border

08/27/2019    Crux
Migrant children will suffer most under new detention rule, says bishop

08/26/2019    Catholic San Francisco
Migrant children will suffer most under new detention rule, says bishop

08/25/2019    Sunstar
Sanchez: The local in the global

08/15/2019    National Catholic Reporter
My first, and very Catholic, act of civil disobedience

08/13/2019    Catholic Spirit
Catholic peace advocates commemorate Hiroshima, Nagasaki anniversaries

08/07/2019    The Globe Post
US Civil Rights Groups Demand Action to End Voter Suppression

07/31/2019    Insider
Christian leaders are warning of ‘Christian nationalism,” which they say ‘provides cover for white supremacy and racial subjugation’

07/30/2019    Washington Times
Christian’ group — and that’s ‘Christian’ in quotes — warns of faith-based nationalism

07/26/2019    BuzzFeed News
23 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of This Week

07/23/2019    Insurance new net
American Atheists Joins 125 National Organizations to Oppose Religious Discrimination in Foster Care and Adoption

07/19/2019    National Catholic Reporter
Catholic Day of Action protesters arrested in stand against child detention

07/19/2019  Multiple Media Reports
Catholic Day of Action protest gathers news hits from over 100 outlets

07/18/2019    The Hill
Dozens of Catholics arrested at Capitol after protesting Trump immigration policies

07/18/2019    Getty Images
DC: Franciscan Action Network Holds A Prayer Vigil To End Inhumane Treatment Of Migrant Families (all images copyrighted Getty)

07/17/2019    KrisTV
Catholics to protest migrant detention centers, risk being arrested

07/16/2019    America Magazine
Catholics to risk arrest Thursday in protest of migrant detention centers

07/12/2019    Independent Catholic News US Catholics to demonstrate against detention of migrant children
07/10/2019    Catholic News Service
U.S. bishop among nearly 200 faith leaders speaking against war in Iran

07/08/2019    Sojourners
Faith Leaders Issue Emphatic ‘No’ to War with Iran

06/28/2019    Metro Weekly
Catholic leaders pledge solidarity with LGBTQ Catholic school teachers

06/26/2019    American Shipper
USMCA conversation intensifies on Capitol Hill

06/25/2019    Common Dreams
We’re Not Settling for Soundbites’: Citing Democrats’ Own Platform, Open Letter Demands DNC Host at Least One 2020 Debate on Climate Emergency

06/23/2019    Los Alamos Daily Post
Udall, Van Hollen Reintroduce EMPOWER Act To Modernize Presidential Campaign Financing System

05/25/2019    Catholic Sentinel
Catholics join faith leaders gathered to remember child deaths at border

05/24/2019    Cruz Catholic
Catholics join faith leaders gathered to remember child deaths at border

62 Organizations Tell Congress: Halt a March to War with Iran

05/09/2019    Vermont Biz
Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez unveil Loan Shark Prevention Act

05/01/2019    Nation of Change
As Bernie Sanders says ‘no apologies’ for his position, 70+ groups back call for prisoner voting rights

04/30/2019    Common Dreams
As Bernie Sanders Says ‘No Apologies’ for His Position, 70+ Groups Back Call for Prisoner Voting Rights

04/23/2019    National Catholic Reporter
Justices lean toward including citizenship question in next census

04/18/2019    The Hill
What about Flint and Puerto Rico? Notre Dame fire revives fight against injustices on the backburner

04/16/2019    Herald Malasia online
Would Pope Francis back the Green New Deal?

04/09/2019    People’s world
Fifty social justice organizations demand Trump stop aggression against Venezuela

04/08/2019    National Catholic Reporter
Where science warnings fail, can moral force push us out of climate inertia?

04/08/2019    Venezuela Analysis
Over 40 Groups Call on Congress to Oppose Sanctions, Military Intervention

04/01/2019    Olean Times Herald
Death row survivor to keynote Bona’s 159th Commencement

03/15/2019    Human Rights Watch
Coalition Letter of Support for the Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement Act H.R. 1714

03/14/2019    Global Sisters Report
Nuns and Nones event finds bridges in ‘Radical Grace’ documentary

03/13/2019    On Common Ground News
Rep. Johnson fights to stop local police from receiving weapons of war

03/13/2019    Insider NJ
Pascrell, Baldwin Introduce ‘Carried Interest Fairness Act’ to Close Tax Loophole

02/21/2019    Washington Post
American Bishops were ready to address sexual abuse; What about he Vatican?

02/21/2019    Church of the Bretheren
Interfaith letter opposes CIA lethal drone strikes

02/20/2019    Catholic New York
Supreme Court to hear oral arguments on 2020 citizenship census question

02/19/2019    National Catholic Reporter
Supreme Court to hear oral arguments on 2020 citizenship census question

02/19/2019    Catholic Culture
Nun who leads Franciscan organization decries ‘hateful rhetoric’ of Covington Catholic students

02/19/2019    People’s World
Nationwide rallies protest “Trumped-up” national emergency

02/18/2019    Breitbart
Watch Live: Leftists Hold Protest Against ‘Unhinged’ President Trump’s ‘Racist’ Wall Plan

02/13/2019    Toledo Blade
To the editor re: “Vatican Walled In”

02/06/2019    Times Union
The border wall and the shutdown

1/22/2019    Info Justice
Joint Letter from 71 Civil Society Groups to Congress on NAFTA 2.0 and Medicine Prices

1/18/2019    WUSA 9
Vice President Mike Pence makes surprise appearance at March for Life rally

01/10/2019    Newsweek
Evangelical Pastor Robert Jeffress Defends Trump’s Border Wall: ‘Heaven Itself Is Going to Have a Wall Around It’

01/10/2019    The Libertarian Republic
Pastor: ‘Heaven Itself Is Gonna Have A Wall’

01/09/2019    Huffington Post
Evangelical Pastor Defends Trump’s Border Plan: ‘Heaven Itself Is Gonna Have A Wall’

2018 News Mentions

12/22/2018    The Cord
Franciscan Spirituality and Environmental Justice

12/10/2018    Pivot.Today
Neumann University Student Wins Second Place in National Art Contest

12/07/2018    Batesville Herald Tribune
OA student wins art contest

12/07/2018    Texas GOP Vote
New Cornyn, Cruz, Hurd, Gonzalez Bill Would Help Border Counties Identify Missing Migrants

12/04/2018    National Catholic Reporter
Faith groups oppose massive increase in border spending

12/04/2018    Common Dreams
Pictures, Video: On Anniversary of Trump’s Muslim Ban, Impacted Individuals and Advocates Deliver Petitions with Over 150,000 Signatures to Congress

11/30/2018    Catholic News Service
In response to global warming, the idea of personal sacrifice resurfaces

11/29/2018    Christian Post
Largest Latino evangelical group mobilizing to help migrant caravan, Samuel Rodriguez says

11/28/2018    Texas GOP Vote
Global Fragility And Violence Reduction Act Passes House

11/22/2018    Crux
Catholic, other faith groups pledge solidarity all seeking asylum in U.S.

11/21/2018    Sunstar
Sanchez: It doesn’t belong

11/12/2018    National Catholic Reporter
Catholic healthcare system to shutter DC hospital serving most vulnerable

11/10/2018    Sight Magazine
US faith leaders denounce Trump proclamation denying asylum outside border crossings

11/06/2018    National Catholic Reporter
Faith leaders call on US to address complicity in causing migrant caravan

10/30/2018    National Catholic Reporter
Justice Action Bulletin

10/27/2018    Crux
Catholic groups ask for humane treatment of migrants heading for border

10/16/2018    National Catholic Reporter
Justice Action Bulletin: Injunction delays end of temporary protected status

10/09/2018    National Catholic Reporter
Justice Action Bulletin: ‘Living the Change’ mobilizes sustainability commitments

10/02/2018    National Catholic Reporter
Justice Action Bulletin: Stay of deportation; opposing prison corporations

09/18/2018    National Catholic Reporter
Advocates decry historically low cap for refugee entry in 2019

09/18/2018    National Catholic Reporter
Justice Action Bulletin

09/14/2018    Crux
Catholics join other Christians in calling for admitting more refugees

09/14/2018    St. Cloud Visitor Rollback of environmental regulations spur Catholic advocates to action

08/27/2018 CGTN Live America
The Heat: Catholic Church sex abuse scandal

08/24/2018 National Catholic Reporter
Catholic groups disagree with Trump EPA ‘Affordable Clean Energy’ rule

08/14/2018 National Catholic Reporter
Justice Action Bulletin

08/10/2018 CruxNow
Peace activists’ prayer service marks Nagasaki, Hiroshima anniversary

08/10/2018 Catholic Courier
Peace activists’ prayer service marks Nagasaki, Hiroshima anniversary

07/26/2018    Newsweek
Timeline Shows How Trump Administration Is ‘Rolling Back Protections’ for Immigrant Children

07/17/2018    National Catholic Reporter
Justice Action Bulletin

07/10/2018    National Catholic Reporter
Justice Action Bulletin

06/30/2018    Lancaster Online
Local pastors’ sermons focus on morals, ethics of US border policy

06/26/2018    National Catholic Reporter
Justice Action Bulletin: Immigration raid in Ohio; defunding police in Minneapolis

06/25/2018    Global Sisters Report
St. Francis, sultan set interfaith model

06/22/2018    Catholic Philly – As immigration woes rise, lawmakers can’t agree on solutions

06/22/2018    The Nation
Immigration Protest

06/22/2018    The Witness Online
Responding to family separation on the southern border

06/21/2018    Getty Images
TOPSHOT – The Franciscan Action Network (FAN), Faith in Action and the DMV Congregation Network holds a prayer vigil with children wrapped in survival blankets and protest ‘the cruel treatment of immigrants by the Trump administration’

06/21/2018    News2Share
Children, Clergy protest ICE in Capitol with blankets and cages

06/21/2018    Washington Examiner
Capitol Hill protest has kids, cages, and thermal blankets, mirroring detention center conditions

06/20/2018    Vice News
An activist is using religion to get Scott Pruitt to care about the environment

06/20/2018    San Deigo Jewish World
350 groups call Ryan’s immigration bill a sham

06/19/2018    NCR – Justice Action Bulletin
Justice Action Bulletin: Scripture can’t defend separations; Hunger strikes

06/17/2018    The Crux
Fifty years after MLK sent poor to Washington, Catholics join his fight

06/16/2018    State of Belief
FAN’s role in Poor People’s Campaign movement

06/08/2018    National Catholic Reporter
Poor People’s Campaign turns its attention to health care, environment

06/07/2018    The Tennesssee Tribune
Many Arrested at TN State Capitol Demanding Healthcare as Part of the Poor People’s Campaign

05/31/2018    National Catholic Reporter
Immigration changes could lead to dropped children’s health coverage

05/22/2018    Catholic Philly
Catholics among 59 arrested during ‘pray-in’ at U.S. Capitol

05/22/2018    National Catholic Reporter
Poor People’s Campaign rallies against systemic racism, voter suppression

05/16/2018    Indianapolis Star
Letters: Legislative special session failed Hoosiers

05/08/2018    National Catholic Reporter
Catholic groups oppose CIA nominee Gina Haspel for connection to torture

05/04/2018    Lifesite News
U.S. cardinal appointed by Pope Francis calls on Trump to rejoin Paris Climate Agreement

05/01/2018    Catholic Philly
Faith groups decry immigration detention of pregnant women

04/29/2018    The Hill
Anti-Catholic bias at play in replacing the chaplain of the House

04/17/2018    E&E News
Talk of climate, controversies banned in Pruitt meeting

03/29/2018    Afro American
NCC Rally Against Racism Is ‘Only the Beginning’

03/29/2018    Sight Magazine
US faith groups condemn citizenship question on census

03/29/2018    National Catholic Reporter
Trump administration orders end to Deferred Enforced Departure for Liberians

03/28/2018    Think Progress
On Holy Week, faith leaders wash refugees’ feet to bring attention to resettlement numbers

03/21/2018    Catholic Philly
Threat spurs Ohio Catholic school students to join gun violence march

03/19/2018    E&E News
How do you talk to Pruitt about climate change?

03/15/2018    Crux Now
Addressing climate change is top priority in Cardinal Ribat’s ministry

03/15/2018    The Tablet
Papua New Guinea’s first Cardinal says climate change is ‘disaster’ for his people

03/15/2018    E&E News
A liberal met with Pruitt about God. Here’s what they said

03/13/2018    Korean Biomedical Review
16 Korean, US NGOs criticize PhRMA’s recommendation

03/07/2018    Washington Informer
WINKLER: Time to Unite and Erase Racism

03/02/2018    Paz y Bien. Spanish
Líderes franciscanos detenidos en Estados Unidos por defender a los “dreamers”

02/28/2018    Sight Magazine
Dozens of nuns, other Catholics arrested in US advocating for immigrants

02/28/2018    Deseret News
Dozens of nuns, other Catholics arrested advocating for immigrants

02/28/2018    Sampan
Asian immigration advocates rally to support family reunification

02/27/2018    Catholic Culture
Catholic groups plan nonviolent civil disobedience in US Senate office building on behalf of Dreamers

02/20/2018    National Catholic Reporter
Justice Action Bulletin: Jesuit valentines; other Ash Wednesday actions for peace

02/07/2018    Ignatian Solidarity Network Blog
Catholic Advocates Pray for Dreamers on Capitol Hill

02/07/2018    Catholic Philly
Catholics gather on Hill to pray lawmakers will protect the Dreamers

02/06/2018    Religious News Service
Paul Ryan faces an urgent moral challenge

02/06/2018    Catholic Standard
During Capitol Hill prayer service, Catholics reflect on Lord’s passion and Dreamers’ suffering

01/30/2018    National Catholic Reporter
Justice Action Bulletin: Marking the travel ban; Dreamers poised to contribute more

01/30/2018    WUSA9
Local DREAMer to protest the State of the Union

01/25/2018    National Catholic Reporter
Census concerns: Citizenship question would hurt results, critics caution

01/24/2018    Crux Now
Bishop: Christians of all traditions can be models of unity in divisive time

01/19/2018    SF Bay Indy News
Government Shutdown Solutions Could Leave Out Disaster Aid for Puerto Rico

01/17/2018    The Hill
March for Life should be about more than abortion

01/13/2018    Slight Magazine
Christian groups look to mark 50th anniversary of King assassination

01/12/2018    Religious News Service
On King holiday, religious groups look to 50th anniversary of assassination

01/09/2018    CT Mirror
Budget impasse hurts CT defense industry, young immigrants, others

01/05/2018    Jihad Watch
UPF’s False Prophets of Islamic Multiculturalism

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