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FAN’s media strategy starts with our resolve to be intentional in our wording.

We strive to be firm in what we stand for and what we believe, abiding by Franciscan Spirituality and Gospel Values. At FAN’s founding these values were put to paper. To accomplish these goals, we ask ourselves, Is it FAN?

    Is it Franciscan?

    • We focus topics inward on FAN and what we are doing
    • We attempt to stay away from naming and criticizing individual people, yet are not afraid to identify facts.
    • We strive to offer strong messages about what St. Francis and St. Clare taught their followers
    • We focus on the common good and the morality of issues

    Does it Lead to Action?

    • Change happens one person at a time, but transformation of a community can happen like ripples in a pond. We start to change by taking action.

    How is it Supporting Our Network?

    • We strive to communicate appealing messages to our current and prospective members by adding the authority and credibility of the Gospel and Catholic Social Teaching through a Franciscan lens.

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