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Franciscans are called not only to change themselves but also to be agents of change in the larger community.

Francis began his conversion in the Church of San Damiano, when he heard the crucifix challenge him, “Francis, repair my house, which as you see is falling into ruin.” Throughout the course of his life, he realized that the “house” that was in need of repair was his own contemporary society and Church. Today Franciscans are still called to evangelize by their example, both in society and in the Church. Following the examples of those who have gone before us, we accomplish this task in a spirit of service and humility, giving “testimony in word and work that there is no all-powerful one but the Lord” (Letter to the Whole Order, 9).

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Human Trafficking

Solidarity With Seafarers Campaign

Solidarity With Seafarers Campaign

Each year, the Coalition of Catholic Organizations Against Human Trafficking (CCOAHT), of which Franciscan Action Network is a member, launches a...

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