The Franciscan Justice Circle process follows four phases. While not always linear in their progression, the phases help guide us to build upon our communal progress towards addressing the causes of injustice, while continually deepening our personal integration of Franciscan values.

You can find more information and resources for each phase on our FJC Resources page.

Phase I: Building Relationships and a Franciscan Foundation
As FJCs begin, members of the group will come together and build relationships so that they might become a true expression of family, in the Franciscan sense. Members will also ground themselves in the values and spirituality that St. Clare and St. Francis developed and lived.

Phase II: Living in Solidarity
Inspired by Franciscans living the Gospel, the heart of this phase is the ability to listen to the marginalized, as Francis and Clare did to the lepers of their day, thereby discovering a God who lives in every heart.

Phase III: Continuing the Incarnation
We now look to preparing and planning our actions. The members consider the two different, but complementary, ways that we can walk the path of love: Social Justice (removing root causes) and Charitable Works (meet basic needs). This phase is the time to determine what is ours to do and how to go about it in a humble and committed Franciscan way.

Phase IV: Loving through Action
At this stage, groups will enter the public sphere to speak out against injustice, support those who are vulnerable and oppressed, and mend the broken relationships present among people and between humans and the rest of creation. Like Francis & Clare, each member will become Fools for Christ and accomplish what few can imagine!

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