Faith communities across traditions have repeatedly demonstrated an unwavering commitment to immigrant youth and their families. Over the years, the Franciscan Action Network has joined other advocates by signing on to letters, making statements, and engaging in public actions both national and local in solidarity with DACA recipients and the DACA program.

Continued attacks on DACA

On Sept. 5th, 2017, the Trump administration terminated the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, no longer allowing new DACA eligible Americans to apply for DACA and impacting hundreds of thousands of youth. Immigrant youth across the country challenged the end of DACA, and now the highest court in the land will soon decide on the case.

In these uncertain times due to COVID 19, we are hearing that Supreme Court Justices, many at elevated risk of contracting the virus, wish to finalize pending cases by the end of April. Thus, a decision on DACA and a number of other high-profile cases are expected to come.

The impact would be enormous

If DACA were to end, hundreds of thousands of people who are Americans in every way but their status would be vulnerable to deportation. People would eventually lose their work permits and their way to make a living. We cannot let this happen. We must use our voices to protect our community and let everyone know that #HomeIsHere #DefendDACA #DACAHope.

People of faith are called to act

As we wait for the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) to announce their ruling on the future of DACA, thousands of DACA recipients remain in danger of losing their protected status and face potential deportation. We, as faith communities, must prepare to answer the call to take action in solidarity with DACA recipients and undocumented youth in response to whatever decision is made by the Supreme court and the aftermath.

We invite people of all faiths to stand in solidarity with immigrant sisters and brothers by dedicating a time of prayer or testimony in support of all DACA-mented people. Please download this #Faith4DACA toolkit which provides multiple ways to take action virtually to support DACA.


On June 18, 2020, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in favor of DACA recipients, agreeing with the lower courts’ ruling that the Administration unlawfully ended the program. The Court’s decision restores the 2012 Obama Administration DACA policy in full. Thank you to all those who worked to support our DACA-mented sisters and brothers.

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