The more I think about dehumanization/rehumanization, the more I hear other people talking about it!  Two things to share:

–In a March 28 event at the Georgetown Center for Catholic Social Thought and Public Life, David Brooks (pictured) said this: “How do you disagree with respect? How do you forgive with rigor?  It’s in the practice of these micro social skills that either someone feels respected and understood and human, or they feel dehumanized. And sometimes I feel like we’re in this massive social conflict between the forces of humanization and the forces of dehumanization, which are often political or technological or something. And if Pope Francis talks about the human person, then it’s that putting the dignity of the human person at the front…..It’s in the small daily gestures of life that we either serve the cause of humanization or dehumanization.” (Here is a link to the video….segment starts at about 52:40 )

–Then today, I heard on a radio program about a young man named Dylan Marron who has a whole podcast in which he has conversations with people who have posted hostile comments about him online, called “Conversations with People Who Hate Me.” Strikes me as brave! Here is a link to his page:

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