1. What are my initial thoughts about the connection between speech that demonizes others and potential violence as well as polarization? I have experienced the way that how some communicate with others, can diminish the person. I was told that the language of demonizing others is used frequently in the training of solders as a defense mechanism to kind of numb the person during war and accept the killing of others.   
  2. Did anything I heard in the presentations surprise me or make me see the issue in a new light? The fact that demonizing others can cause the extinction of a community is so heartbreaking. Just to realize that in our world history this has happened so often. I can see it occurring now in Ukraine as the Russian president use diminishing words to justify his action.    
  3. Might I be called to re-examine my own speech during this sacred season? Definitely, as a Secular Franciscan we are examining our way of communicating with others. As part of our formation dialogue, it is very important the love we show each other even in disagreements.
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