The NYC Franciscan Solidarity Table and Metro New York Catholic Climate Movement have joined with the Climate Crisis Policy Organization (CCP) to promote legislation addressing climate change. The proposed bills pertain to agricultural and land management practices, fossil fuels, plastics pollution, pesticides, manufacturing practices, and environmental justice. There is very detailed information regarding this legislation and the opportunity to Adopt-a-District by meeting with Congressional legislators on the CCP website

Climate Crisis Policy also supports The Earth Bill which calls for a 100% clean renewable energy standard, prioritizes 100% Renewable Agriculture practices and will be a companion bill to other environmental legislation. They would like to get The Earth Bill, currently being drafted, into the American Jobs Act by July 4th, 2021. This is probably the most critical climate decision the Biden administration will make, and will dictate whether we stop our current greenhouse gas pollution fast enough to stop global warming at 1.5°C. To create groundswell support for this legislation, we join the good people at Climate Crisis Policy in extending an invitation to take The Earth Bill Pledge. Please follow the links below:

Earth Bill Resources:

1. Reasons for Earth Bill (pdf).
2. Citizen Pledge Form.
3. Group Pledge Form.
4. Video: Critical 10 Years to 2030
5. Great Reasons to Take The Pledge

For more details on this legislative proposal as well as the online individual and organizational pledge forms please see:

Moonshot for Earth

Click here to learn how we can stop 80% of our pollution by 2030

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