October 20, 2021

WASHINGTON, DC — Today, Senate Republicans have once again blocked even beginning a public floor debate on the Freedom to Vote Act, making it clear that they support anti-voter legislation and partisan gerrymandering. Access to vote is too important for outdated procedures or loopholes and Franciscan Action Network is disappointed in the Senate’s unwillingness to compromise after multiple good faith efforts.

“As Franciscans and Franciscan hearted individuals, the Franciscan Action Network advocates for the dignity of each and every human being. Unfortunately, our democracy and the human dignity of voters is at stake. In fact, the stakes grow higher every day that the Senate does not pass the Freedom to Vote Act with state legislatures continuing to introduce and pass voter suppression bills. We urge the Senate to pass the Freedom to Vote Act immediately and protect voters, especially those of color who have been traditionally marginalized throughout our history.”–Jason Miller, Director of Campaigns and Development, Franciscan Action Network

The Freedom to Vote Act reflects our shared values as Americans. No matter where we live or what our background, we want fair elections, where we all have the freedom to vote and make our voices heard on important issues that affect our everyday lives.


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