Immediate Release
December 15, 2020
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Janine Walsh |

Franciscan Action Network Condemns the White Supremacist Violence in the Nation’s Capitol


WASHINGTON D.C. – The Franciscan Action Network condemns the rioting on Saturday by white supremacist groups in the streets of Washington, DC. As a faith-based organization we are outraged to see the violent targeting of historically Black churches in our city. The level of intolerance displayed was disrespectful, hurtful and offensive, traits which we cannot in good conscience condone. Now more than ever, as people of faith, we must stand together against all forms of hatred, discrimination, divisive rhetoric, xenophobia, and especially racism in America.

“I am utterly shocked to see violent, racist gangs rampaging through the streets of America’s Capitol. Is this what our nation has become? Enough is enough.” said Stephen Schneck, Executive Director of Franciscan Action Network who went on to say, “Saturday’s attacks on houses of worship were reminiscent of some of the most evil days of American history. Our government must respond to this homegrown terror with the same attention merited by acts of foreign terror. Franciscan Action Network stands in solidarity with the congregations of Asbury United Methodist Church, Metropolitan AME Church, National City Christian Church, and Luther Place. We call on all people of faith to join us in condemning white supremacist violence.”

Franciscan-hearted people deplore racism in all forms. It is only through relational understanding and respect for one another that we as a people will build peace. We urge federal law enforcement agencies to redouble efforts to end all forms of violence, to protect houses of worship, and to ensure that any public demonstrations abide by law and are conducted peacefully.


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