January 6, 2021

WASHINGTON D.C. – Franciscan Action Network utterly condemns today’s insurrectionist interference in our nation’s electoral process. We condemn the violence and lawlessness of rioters’ invasion of the U. S. Capitol and its explicit danger to the republic.

“Today was one of the most shameful days that I can remember in the history of our country,” said Franciscan Action Network Executive Director, Stephen Schneck. “What we have witnessed is an insurrection against the laws, the Constitution, and the democracy that is the United States. With all faithful Americans, I also call on President Trump to cease abetting such behavior, and to respect our laws and Constitution, to accept the peaceful transition of power, and to support the norms and processes of our sacred democracy.”

With Franciscan-hearted people everywhere, we ask for prayers for the United States and its people. We ask for prayers for Members of Congress and Senators as they perform their certification of the election — and prayers for the police and National Guard who will work to defend our nation’s Capitol tonight and in the days ahead.


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