Each year from September 1 to October 4, the Christian family unites for a worldwide celebration of prayer and action to protect our common home. As followers of Christ from around the globe, we share a common call to care for creation. We invite you to consider bringing your community together to celebrate the Season of Creation.

This year’s Season of Creation theme is “Listen to the Voice of Creation.” Get some ideas in the Season of Creation Celebration Guide which includes a section on Advocacy. Begin small, using these sample church bulletin messages.

May this season of prayer and action be a time to Listen to the Voice of Creation, so that our lives in words and deeds proclaim the good news for all the Earth!

Here are some more ideas for Season of Creation activities:

  • Host ecumenical prayer service (a sample prayer service is available in the Season of Creation Celebration Guide.)
  • Organize a Creation Walk or Pilgrimage
  • Engage your local ecology through Earth Examen
  • Hold a sustainability event (i.e. serve meal, community garden, tree planting, start a healthy habitat)
  • Advocacy: Participate in campaigns that call for ecological restoration
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