Immediate Release
November 3, 2021

Washington, D.C. – Today, Senate Republicans have blocked the possibility of a public floor debate on the John Lewis Voting Rights Amendment Act. Access to the vote is extremely important and the Franciscan Action Network is disappointed in the Senate’s lack of cooperation after multiple good faith efforts.

“As Franciscans and Franciscan-hearted individuals, we are called to a special solidarity with those who are marginalized in our society, including those of color who face increased barriers to voting across the country,” said Franciscan Action Network Executive Director Michele Dunne, OFS. “We are saddened to see that the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, which addresses discrimination in voting and was passed by the House, will not even be brought up on the floor of the Senate for a debate.”

As Franciscans and as Christians, our faith teaches us that we must recognize each person as a gift from God, and that we must emphasize the importance of the essential humanity and dignity of each person. As Pope Francis calls us to “meddle in politics,” we interpret this concept as a requirement that all Americans must have an equal say in the public square.

Having an equal say means that all Americans must have equal access to the vote.


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