June 1, 2017
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Contact: Janine Walsh
Communications Coordinator
Franciscan Action Network
(203) 685-1856

Franciscans Condemn the Administration’s Decision to Pull Out of Paris Climate Agreement

The United States must take the lead in addressing the climate crisis by honoring international agreements

Washington, DC – The announcement by President Trump to pull the United States out of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement is a decision with catastrophic consequences for the earth and all of its living creatures. In addition to the devastating environmental repercussions, pulling out of the agreement before the designated time allowed to do so sets a dangerous precedent by demonstrating that this administration has no regard for standing international agreements.
Withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement will significantly stall progress on reducing emissions, meaning further exacerbation of climate change. FAN’s Executive Director, Patrick Carolan said, “Issues like poverty and migration are connected to the climate crisis. When there is no water, crops fail and people fall into poverty. Widespread poverty and resource scarcity lead to mass migration. When large countries like the U.S. deny the reality of the climate crisis and pull out of commitments holding us accountable for doing our part to curb global temperature rise, we are turning our backs on the poor and vulnerable, which goes directly against our Franciscan-Christian values.” Additionally, by pulling out of this agreement, the U.S. will miss out on the opportunities – like jobs and clean air –  that come from the fast growing sectors of clean energy and green-tech.
Withdrawing may also weaken ties with the rest of the world, to our own clear detriment. “I think if the U.S. completely pulls away from this, we’re going to see a diplomatic blowback. It’s going to be significant, and it will impact a lot of areas that this administration will care about a lot more than climate change, especially on trade and national security issues,” says Andrew Light, of the World Resources Institute.
The Paris Agreement represents the bare minimum of what is necessary to preserve a livable planet. We need more action, not less. The Franciscan Action Network is committed to ensuring that the United States maintains its commitments to reducing carbon emissions and mitigating climate change.

Inspired by the Gospel of Jesus, and the example of Saints Francis and Clare, the Franciscan Action Network (FAN) is a collective Franciscan voice seeking to transform United States public policy related to peace making, care for creation, poverty, and human rights. For more information: https://franciscanaction.org/

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