The Franciscan Delegation has returned home from Paris with a renewed sense of responsibility to continue to care for our common home. The COP21 summit was extremely informative and the whole Franciscan Family now looks forward to the next challenges and steps we need to take together to help implement the Paris Agreement.

Together, we are committed to holding our governments responsible for their actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to the Green Climate Fund. Our brothers and sisters in poverty will feel the impact of climate change even as we work toward correcting our course. As Franciscans, we feel connected to all God’s creation and it is our moral obligation to care for these.

Please look for and download the Laudato Si study guide on the Francis35 website, developed by the Roman VI.

Minister General of the Order of Friars Minor, Fr. Michael Perry, OFM has given us great food for thought about what it means to care for our common home. He lists three specific things:

First, it means we are all connected with each other. All of us are connected as brothers and sisters, but also with all of creation, which is in us and we in it.

That connection means we are co-responsibile to care for one another, particularly the poor and those being msot affected by climate change. We must learn how to reduce our consumption and simplify our living.

Finally, we need a new plan of action, as Franciscans we must come together, unite with each other and study together to develop a strategic plan to care for our common home.

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