Immediate Release

December 1, 2023

Media Contact: Janine Walsh |

Franciscan Action Network Urges Asylum Protection

In their attempt to provide foreign assistance funding for Ukraine and other allies in the President’s emergency supplemental package, some Senators want to tie funding to an extreme anti-immigrant proposal. Franciscan Action Network, an advocate for immigrant justice since its inception in 2009, strongly urges Congress not to trade asylum protection for foreign aid funding.

The proposal being considered would raise the “credible fear” standard to “reasonable fear,” making it harder for asylum seekers to meet the standard. It would codify the administration’s ban on asylum seekers traveling through a third country, and would make harmful parole changes. The U.S. asylum process needs to be strengthened, not dismantled.

Our Christian faith, Catholic Social Teaching, and Franciscan values compel us to speak in defense of asylum seekers and oppose the draconian anti-immigrant proposal. The God-given dignity and rights of immigrants must be honored. We join other faith groups and immigration justice organizations in urging members of Congress not to approve this considered trade-off and instead, work to protect and strengthen the asylum process.


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