The president and vice president of the Centre for Islamic Studies in Sri Lanka sent out a statement this week urging investigations in to the attacks on several churches and hotels on Easter and calling for an end to extremism in all forms.

As we continue to celebrate this 800th anniversary year of the meeting between St. Francis and the Sultan of Egypt, during which these two faith leaders demonstrated peaceful encounter, we persist in our prayers for the victims, their families, and all people grieving from this attack. Whether there is an attack on a Synagogue in Pittsburgh or a Mosque in New Zealand or a Christian church in Sri Lanka, it is an attack on all of us. We are all the same. God is in each of us and we are all part of God. When you are attacked I am attacked; when I hurt, you hurt; when you feel joy, I feel joy. As President Haniffa and Vice President Hussein state, we too hope and pray for an end to extremism in all it’s forms.

We urge all members and friends to read the statement in full here.

Peace and All Good.

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