Take the Pledge Today
We invite you to download and read this essay on Civility in Discourse, by Br. Albert Merz, OFM. Then, sign up and commit to the FRANCIS Pledge below, using the letters in the name of our patron Saint Francis

I commit to:

Faciliate a forum for difficult discourse and acknowledge that all dialogue can lead to new insight and mutual understanding.

Respect the dignity of all people, especially the dignity of those who hold an opposing view.

Audit myself and utilize terms or a vocabulary of faith to unite or reconcile rather than divide conflicting positions.

Neutralize inflamed conversations by presuming that those with whom we differ are acting in good faith.

Collaborate with others and recognize that all human engagement is an opportunity to promote peace.

Identify common ground such as similar values or concerns and utilize this as a foundation to build upon.

Support efforts to clean up the provocative language by calling policymakers to their sense of personal integrity.

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