In 2023, our Working for Environmental Justice campaign focused attention on three regions in our nation – the Permian Basin and Chaco Canyon in New Mexico; St. James, Louisiana; and Chester, Pennsylvania – as case studies of ongoing environmental injustice. At three webinars, we learned from affected communities and local advocates in each region about their experiences, how they are advocating for change, and what we can do to amplify their efforts. Based on the guidance of our the affected speakers, we supported advocacy efforts at the national, state, and local levels. Watch the recordings of these webinars below.

Gas & Oil Extraction in New Mexico

The health of the most marginalized and frontline communities in northwestern and southeastern New Mexico have been impacted by a 10-fold increase in oil and gas production since 2010, leading to a surge of air and water pollution. This issue is part of a larger picture in which the entire state of New Mexico is treated as a sacrifice zone for extraction, mining, and dumping, forcing people to pay with their health.


Petrochemical Industries in Louisiana

The majority Black residents of the 80+ mile stretch between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, called “Cancer Alley,” are subjected to disproportionately high rates of cancer, respiratory diseases and other health problems from the air and water pollution of 150 oil refineries, plastic plants and petrochemical facilities along the Mississippi River.


Trash Incinerator in Chester, PA

The majority low-income Black and Brown residents of Chester, Pennsylvania experience significant adverse effects on health and quality of life from the pollution released by one of the largest trash incinerator in the country (Covanta), a sewage waste treatment facility, chemical manufacturing plants, and other polluting industries located in this historic city on the Delaware River.


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