Franciscans say: Black Lives Matter

Amidst the upheaval over the killing of multiple black people, FAN staff joined a prayer vigil which served as a peaceful protest of a Presidential visit to the Saint John Paul II shrine.

A Franciscan Reflection in a Time of Crisis

Through our uniquely Franciscan relational love, we have compiled some resources here for our members and friends during this troubling time.

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The Franciscan Action Network connects Franciscans and Franciscan-hearted individuals from all branches of the Franciscan family tree through Franciscan Solidarity Tables, a grassroots advocacy initiative that is taking shape in cities throughout the country.

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Inspired by the Gospel of Jesus, and the example of Saints Francis and Clare, the Franciscan Action Network is a collective Franciscan voice seeking to transform United States public policy related to peace making, care for creation, poverty, and human rights.

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One-to-One Relational Meetings

One-to-One Relational Meetings

Relationships have always been central to Franciscanism. St. Francis did not base his movement on praying or believing a certain way, like other...

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