RE-humanize this Lent

Politically-motivated violence–whether against political processes, communities, or individuals perceived as enemies–has flared in recent years in the United States. Research shows that speech which dehumanizes or demonizes others is a precursor for committing or tolerating such violence.

As people of faith and followers of St. Francis who reached across divides to work for peace, what role can we play in countering political violence? How should we examine our own speech about those with whom we feel at odds? How should we respond when we hear dehumanizing speech from others?

For this seventh and final week of our journey, let’s ask ourselves:

How has this Lenten process of considering the links among dehumanization, polarization, and political violence changed my way of thinking and/or behaving?

What new tools have I acquired to cope with these issues?

What’s the best tip I have learned to help me be a RE-humanizer?

What new questions do I have?

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