Celebrate the Feast of St. Francis with Us!

St. Francis Statue

Out of the Birdbath, into the World.

Responding to eco-crisis in the Spirit of St. Francis
All are welcome for this morning presentation by our coalition of local, ecologically minded young adult Catholics and Franciscans who are organizing for environmental justice. Participate in dynamic dialogue about the intersection of faith, science, and hope for justice. Come early for a modest breakfast of local foods and Fair Trade© coffee. Discuss global transformation over a garden lunch.

Canticle Campus Classes

Canticle Campus is a joint effort within the Franciscan family, both Catholic and Protestant, to establish a central location of education and dialog. Our goal is to establish an online college where knowledge, understanding, and dialog in civility, tolerance and religious freedom (in the spirit of Francis and Clare of Assisi) are primary. Starting this fall are two classes being offered.

Spending My Summer With Franciscan Action Network

Franciscan Action Network is very blessed to work each year with at least one person in our offices in the form of Internships. These bright young people help us to accomplish many tasks while gaining valuable experience in the Grassroots Organizing and non-profit fields. Our most recent intern, Sophie Meacham shared a reflection about spending her summer with us.

Read about Sophie's experience on our blog, Being Franciscan.