Earth Corps Director, Rhett Engelking Interviewed in St. Anthony's Messenger

The October issue of the Catholic magazine, St. Anthony's Messenger interviews our own Rhett Engelking about the Franciscan Earth Corps. The article was an overview of the program, the philosophy behind it and what it hopes to accomplish.

We invite you read the article in it's entirety by clicking the attachment link below.

If you would like more information about the Earth Corps or finding a chapter near you, please contact us at

Letter to Administration Offers Alternatives to Military Action in Iraq

Over 50 organizations including FAN, signed a recent letter to president Obama offering lists of alternatives to deal with the situation in Iraq.

"While the dire plight of Iraqi civilians should compel the international community to respond in some way, U.S. military action is not the answer," the 53 clergy, theologians and religious sisters and brothers write in the Aug. 27th open letter.