FRANCIS Pledge: Commitment to Civility in Discourse

We invite you to download and read this essay on Civility in Discourse, by Br. Albert Merz, OFM. Then, sign up and commit to the FRANCIS Pledge below, using the letters in the name of our patron Saint Francis

I commit to:

Faciliate a forum for difficult discourse and acknowledge that all dialogue can lead to new insight and mutual understanding.

We Must Not Only pray, but Act

Dear Friends,

As followers of Jesus Christ and St. Francis and St. Clare, we know that violence is never the answer.  

We are horrified by the shooting of five police officers in Dallas, and the fact that someone took advantage of a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest to cause chaos and violence.

We are horrified by the shootings of Alton Sterling‬ and ‪‎Philando Castile‬ by police in Baton Rouge, LA and just outside St. Paul Minnesota.