Support FAN's Team of Polar Bear Plungers

St. Bonaventure tells us that to love God, we need to love all that God created. He teaches us that what we choose to do here on this earth will have an effect on it. As part of FAN’s commitment to care for all of creation, we have participated in the Polar Bear Plunge for the last few years. This annual event is organized by the Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN) and helps raise funds for important local grassroots efforts on climate justice.

Joint Letter: From American Muslims to President-Elect Trump

Following the November elections, many Imams and leaders of Muslim organizations sent a letter to president-elect Donald Trump expressing their concerns about anti-Muslim rhetoric during the campaign and appointments to the Trump transition team of individuals who speak negatively and falsely about American Muslims. They point to the rise in hate crimes against Muslims since the election, and are very concerned about a proposed Muslim registry which would be unconstitutional.