FAN's Annual Award Benefit Celebrates 10 Years of Advocating for Justice

Interfaith Immigration Coalition

To celebrate ten years of advocating with the Franciscan family for justice on Capitol Hill and across the country, the Franciscan Action Network staff and board gathered at St. Francis Hall in Washington, D.C. with friends and partners on Thursday November 15th for the annual FAN award benefit. Founders of FAN and original staff were in attendance as the hall filled with Franciscans and Franciscan-hearted individuals who braved wintery weather to commemorate the organization’s founding and to honor several  immigration advocacy organizations.

Catholic Voters Guide for Mid-term Elections

The staff of FAN joined several other Catholic organizations based in DC to develop a voter’s guide for the upcoming mid-term elections in November.  We wish to stress the importance of voting, and to assist members in addressing questions based on Catholic Social Teaching to those running for public office in both parties.  As Franciscans, we support a consistent life ethic which believes in the sanctity of all human life, and that the most effective way to reduce abortion is to address poverty.