Parish Resouces for Immigration Reform

FAN works closely with the USCCB's Justice for Immigrants campaign (JFI) to promote comprehensive legislation on immigration reform which includes an earned, accessible path to citizenship, family unity, and protection of workers, refugees and asylum seekers. 

As you probably know, a bi-partisan comprehensive bill passed the Senate and we now wait to see what the House will do.  In the House of Representatives, some promote a bi-partisan comprehensive approach, while others want a piecemeal approach with emphasis on border security, and some oppose any reform.  While we advocate for comprehensive legislation here in DC, it is critical that Representatives hear from their constituents. 

JFI has prepared materials for parishes to use during the August congressional recess, including a bulletin insert, homily notes and talking points.  We encourage Franciscan parishes to make use of the advocacy materials which you can find below:

Questions and Answers about Immigration Reform

Immigration Reform One Pager

What are the General Economic Benefits of Comprehensive Immigration Reform?

Why should an Immigration Bill Include a Path to Citizenship?

What would just Comprehensive Immigration Reform include? (path to citizenship)

What would just Comprehensive Immigration Reform include? (worker program)

What would just Comprehensive Immigration Reform include? (due process)

What are the Root Causes of Migration?

Should we Further Militarize our Border?

Why is Family Unity Important? (talking points)

Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities Open Letter to Congress

Resources to be Used in Parishes

Sample Pulpit Announcement

Homily Notes

Bulletin Insert

Talking Points for Congressional Visits