Franciscans Outraged But Not Surprised By Clean Power Plan Announcement By Trump Administration

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October 10, 2017
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Franciscans Outraged But Not Surprised By Clean Power Plan Announcement By Trump Administration

This marks at least the 54th Environmental Rollback since the President has taken Office

Washington D.C.--The Franciscan Action Network (FAN) is outraged by yesterday's announcement of the planned rollback of the Clean Power Plan, but it is hardly a surprise. The Trump administration has been hostile to the environment and the future of our planet, instead deciding to align itself with the fossil fuel industry in order to increase revenue rather than protect the wellbeing of its citizens. The New York Times recently stated that the Trump Administration has rolled back 53 environmental regulations. This marks at least the 54th.

"It's no accident that this announcement was made on a day that the federal government was closed," remarked Franciscan Action Network executive director Patrick Carolan. "Clearly the Trump administration was hoping that no one would notice this rollback due to its catastrophic consequences. This is detrimental to the future of our planet and life itself."

Despite another major environmental setback, the Franciscan Action Network will continue to advocate for solutions to our climate crisis. Despite what EPA Administrator Pruitt says: climate change is real. There is no war on coal. On behalf of those remaining coal workers in the United States, we must all work together to develop a transition plan that provides employment opportunities for coal workers. We are entirely capable of finding solutions if we look beyond partisan rhetoric that is merely making fossil fuel industries richer and putting the planet at risk. 


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