Franciscans Shocked that Supreme Court Allows Muslim Ban to De Facto Go Into Effect

June 30, 2017
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Franciscans Shocked that Supreme Court Allows Muslim Ban to De Facto Go Into Effect

Refugees Are Escaping War; Should Not Have to Define “Bona Fide Relationship”

Washington, D.C.-- The Franciscan Action Network (FAN) is appalled by the Supreme Court’s decision this week to hear the Muslim Ban in October and allow elements of the ban to be implemented, effective yesterday. The United States is a nation of immigrants and refugees, making this ban Un-Christian, Un-American, and downright discriminatory. Forcing refugees escaping war and persecution, who have been vetted for up to two years, to prove a “bona fide relationship” to immediate family members in the United States, is unconscionable.’

“During the 5th Crusade, St. Francis of Assisi encouraged encountering ‘the other’ by meeting with the Sultan of Egypt and calling for peace and understanding,” said Franciscan Action Network Executive Director, Patrick Carolan. “Pope Francis used this as an example in our own time by visiting the refugee island of Lampedusa and bringing Syrian refugees to stay with him at the Vatican. We must follow their example and welcome the stranger, especially those who need refuge the most.”

While it is unclear what constitutes a “bona fide relationship,” it is clear that refugees who are the most thoroughly vetted entrants into the United States should not be denied entry, nor should any visa holder based on religion or country of origin. The Franciscan Action Network will continue with other faith organizations to fight the Muslim Ban and all forms of Islamophobia that are enacted.