FAN Takes the Polar Bear Plunge

FAN Board Member, Jacek Orzechowski at 2014's Polar Bear Plunge
FAN Board Member, Jacek Orzechowski at 2014's Polar Bear Plunge

On January 24th, FAN Executive Director Patrick Carolan along with Board Member Jacek Orzechowski will participate in the Polar Bear Plunge, jumping into the ice cold waters of the Potomac River to raise awareness about the gravity and urgency of action in responce to climate change. This annual event is organized by the Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN) and helps raise funds for important local grassroots efforts on climate justice being carried out by CCAN.

FAN is also working on several avenues to raise awareness and commitment to caring for God's creation. St. Bonaventure tells us to love God, we need to love all that God created and he teaches us that what we choose to do here on this earth will have an affect on it. We have been coordinating Catholics, both in the United States and internationally, on coalitions raising awareness among the worlds' faithful to raise new prophetic voices in support of a solid global climate agreement that combats the devastating results of rising carbon emissions. We have been building relationships with climate leaders and formulating strategies to ensure a strong faithful voice is heard by the world's leaders. Half of the money that we raise as Franciscan Action Network’s team, will go to support FAN in its’ endeavor to amplify the religious and moral voice in the national debate over climate change.  Your support will assist FAN in galvanizing the Franciscan communities across the country to become strong advocates for climate justice.

Please consider supporting Patrick and Jacek in their plunge, by visiting their fund raising pages, listed below. We will be sure to post photos of the event, so check back with us.

Jacek Orzechowski's fund raising page

Patrick Carolan's fund raising page