UPDATED PRESS RELEASE: Franciscans respond to release of Senate Intelligence Committee Report on CIA torture

For Immediate Release: December 11, 2014

Contact: Jason Miller
Director of Campaigns and Development
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Franciscans respond to release of Senate Intelligence Committee Report on CIA torture   


Washington, D.C.--The Franciscan Action Network (FAN) a member of the National Religious Coalition Against torture (NRCAT) welcomes the release of the Senate Intelligence Committee report on torture used by the CIA. We are deeply disturbed by the findings in the report which details specific inhumane acts of torture employed as interrogation techniques. The United States claims to be a nation of high moral and ethical values but the CIA's torture program shamefully abandoned moral standards.   Our government must uphold our most cherished values, not dishonor them. As Franciscans, FAN finds the CIA torture morally reprehensible. We must work to ensure that this never happens again. 

"The Catholic Church views torture as an "intrinsic evil," something that is always wrong," said FAN Executive Director Patrick Carolan. "If we truly believe as Jesus taught us and St Francis showed us by the example of his life that we are all connected as brothers and sisters we would never carry out such horrific acts as detailed in this report." We must stop demonizing the other by using torture under the false pretenses of security and safety."

Not only was the use of torture brutal, it failed to produce any intelligence, thus making the use of torture ineffective. The United States should strive to be an example of human rights around the world, rather than lowering itself to the tactics that are in violation of the dignity of human beings. FAN calls on Congress to pass legislation ensuring that the CIA never uses torture again.

In light of this report we are also calling for a national dialogue on what it means to be, as we claim, a moral nation.