Franciscan Action Network Encouraged by New Immigration Bill

Washington, DC - Franciscan Action Network (FAN), a collective Franciscan voice on U.S. public policy, thanks the bi-partisan group of Senators who labored for several months on a new immigration bill titled “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013.”  The bill offers hope that Congress can reach an agreement that respects the dignity of all immigrants in our country. 

We especially welcome the inclusion of a path to citizenship, with a special provision for Dreamers, and several provisions which promote family unity. In our initial and incomplete assessment, FAN has several concerns about the legislation, including stringent and costly border enforcement measures, the very long path to citizenship, and the elimination of the family sibling category.  However, we will continue to work with members of Congress toward a final bill that repairs our broken immigration system and sends a message of welcome to aspiring U.S. Americans.  We commend the Senators who introduced the bill for their courage and leadership.  

Franciscan Action Network was founded in 2007 to create a unified Franciscan voice for justice by working to transform United States public policy related to peacemaking, care for creation, poverty and human rights.