Get a Closer Look at the Relationship of Food and Climate

Author of "Diet for a Hot Planet" and an expert on food systems, Anna Lappe was our guest speaker at the July Climate Campaign webinar. Anna spoke to participants about the ability to organize food systems using fewer synthetic chemicals and building healthy soil to produce the same amount of quality food with lower greenhouse gas emissions. This concept of Agro-ecology and organic farming is something Anna is very passionate and knowledgeable about and has been studying for a long time. She gave us information from global studies on production yield and output during drought years. She also shared invaluable insights related to where to put our trust and support as consumers.

If you missed the webinar, you can listen to Anna begin to build ideas on ways to move toward sustainable growing practices and learn how that protects our climate. You can follow Anna on Twitter @annalappe and view additional reasources below.

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