“Apple Forecast: Immigration Reform” A 5 Minute Documentary Film

Filmmaker Kathryn Smith Pyle
Filmmaker Kathryn Smith Pyle

Apple Forecast: Immigration Reform from Trailer 88 on Vimeo.

FAN is honored to host the documentary Apple Forecast: Immigration Reform by filmmaker and producer Kathryn Smith Pyle:

Inspired by several courageous farmers who have protested that the immigration system is hurting their business, I decided to make a very short documentary film giving voice to small farmers.

Kathryn Smith Pyle is a Sundance Institute Fellow and documentary filmmaker whose former career as a grantmaker in the U.S. and Latin America was dedicated to grassroots development and giving voice to marginalized communities, often through community media projects. In addition to the Farm Labor films, her work includes producer for Niños de la Memoria. She writes about social issue documentaries for The Foundation Center, is a photographer and has a doctorate in social policy from the University of Pennsylvania.

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