FAN Hosts a Special Edition Climate Change Webinar

A special edition of the FAN Climate Campaign webinar was held Thursday, Dec. 5th entitled “How Money in Politics Affects Climate Change Legislation” and it began a conversation about how money influences the decisions made in Congress in regards to climate issues. At the start, Br. John Kerr reflected on our need to allow God to fill the empty spaces of our lives with Jesus. Next, FAN ED Patrick Carolan stated that “wealthy people (and businesses) are buying our nation” and gave us concrete ways to start action in our communities. We heard from Patti Sills-Trauch in Arizona with a ‘backyard’ story of Arizona Public Service utility company fighting for money from rooftop solar customers. She described how grassroots organization brought people together to fight back.

Our next webinar will be on Thursday, January 9 at 4 p.m. We will continue our "Money in Politics" theme and look at divestment.

Click Here for the recording of this webinar and click below for the Power Point presentation.