TAKE ACTION: Say NO to the "SAFE" Act

As the House continues to stall progress toward immigration reform, one bill that has passed the House Judiciary Committee is getting more attention – the Strengthen And Fortify Enforcement Act “SAFE Act” (H.R. 2278). This very dangerous bill would encourage racial profiling, eliminate the Administration’s protection of DREAMers, expand immigration detention, criminalize overstaying a visa, and harm both community safety and vulnerable populations. All Members of Congress need to hear from people of faith that we OPPOSE the so-called “SAFE” Act, and that we urge them to instead promote legislation that would create a pathway to citizenship and reunite families.

Speaker John Boehner has expressed support of the SAFE Act which not only empowers local law enforcement to act as federal enforcers but also would criminalize organizations, many of them faith organizations, which "harbor" or drive undocumented immigrants. FAN urges calls to Representatives to express opposition to the SAFE Act.

There is more background information about the SAFE act as well as sample scripts and the phone numbers to call all on the Interfaith Immigration Coalition website.