Franciscan Family in Paris for COP21

Cumulative number of signatures on various petitions from people of all faiths
Cumulative number of signatures on various petitions from people of all faiths
Franciscans International Booth
Franciscans International Booth
Franciscan Delegation in Montreil, France
Franciscan Delegation in Montreil, France

We have updated this page and continue to welcome participation and prayer for the following events:

On Saturday, November 28, representatives from the Franciscan Action Network and our partners at the Global Catholic Climate Movement and OurVoices, were proud to be part of the delivery of over 1.7 million signatures on various climate petitions from people of faith all over the world. This includes over 800,000 signatures on the Catholic Climate Petition. Cardinal Claudio Hummes, OFM from Brazil served as representative and stated that it was "a profound honor to represent the 840,000 Catholics" who signed the petition.

Global Climate Marches - Updated on Dec. 1:

Fast and Feast - Updated on Dec. 2:

Coordinated with the Fast for the Climate campaign, Franciscans all over the world joined in a solidarity fast on Dec. 1 during the day. Taken from the Ramadan celebrated by our Islamic brothers and sisters, we showed our unity and our solidarity not just with climate vulnerable peoples, but all people at risk of violence and horror. We fasted while the sun was up, during breakfast and lunch, then feasted for dinner.

In Paris, the People's Pilgrimage joined the fast, along with many interfaith leaders. (#3) In Baltimore, MD, Rev. Ryan W. Roberts, Postulant, Order of Lutheran Franciscans, and his wife sent us a photo of their feast. (#4) Be sure to send us a photo of your fast and feast at include your name, Franciscan affiliation and your location. We will continue to compile them in to an album and share it with the whole Franciscan Family.

Franciscan presence at COP 21 and Beyond - Updated on Dec. 3:

The Romans VI, the inter-Franciscan JPIC Commission, is promoting a Franciscan presence at COP 21.  It includes Franciscans International, the worldwide Franciscan family and the Franciscan Family of France as hosts. There will be a gathering of about 30 Franciscans from all six branches of the Franciscan Family in Paris. They will be hosting meetings from December 2-10 with the goal of accomplishing two objectives; to collaboratively inject our Franciscan values into the discussions concerning the present crisis and To mobilize and train a group of dedicated Franciscans who will take the message back to our constituencies: friars, sisters and lay people with whom we work. Please check the recent updates from these meetings here.

Day dedicated to the Civil Society area in Montreil - Updated on Dec. 7:

On December 6th, the Franciscans delegation participated at the Franciscan International (FI) booth where people were invited to write on leaves their answer to the question “what does it mean to care for our common home." Once the answer was written,  the leaf was posted in front of the booth. At the booth there were guests from all over  the world asking questions about FI and its activities and about Franciscan Family commitments for care of creation. For more reflection and photos of these activities, see our blog page.

Prayer Vigils - Nov. 30 through Dec. 12

Prayer is a core component of our faith. FAN is coordinating a relay-style prayer for the outcome of the COP21 climate summit. Each day of the summit, we will ask a different community of the Franciscan Family to pray specifically for the climate and those meeting in Paris. Please sign up below to choose a day to pray. On your day, take some time to say a prayer for the summit meetings going on in Paris. Keep in mind all those adversely affected by the current climate crisis. Prayers can be taken from prayer books or made up on the spot. There is a Guided Rosary available, with meditations and reflections for each set of mysteries using themes taken from the encyclical, 'Laudato Si.' This Prayer specifically for the Climate Change Conference was recently shared with us. No matter the words, the power of the prayer is the same.

If you would like more information, please contact Janine Walsh, Communications Coordinator at

Keep checking this page, we will keep updating it with new information as it becomes available.