Canticle Campus Fall 2017

Canticle Campus is a joint effort within the Franciscan family, both Catholic and Protestant, to establish a central location of education and dialog around the role of prophetic voice in Franciscan Faith Life. The collaboration was initiated around the ecumenical efforts of the Franciscan Action Network, current administrator of the program.

Written resources are pre-selected and participants are encouraged to read and provide ongoing discussion of resources through this online tool. The classes are offered in the spirit of Francis and Clare so there is no cost except to purchase the book for the class.

The intention of Canticle Campus is to build a non-profit collaboration of Franciscan Family members and Franciscan-hearted people. Our goal is to establish a free online college where knowledge, understanding, and dialog in civility, tolerance and religious freedom (in the spirit of Francis and Clare of Assisi) are primary.

This season we will be we will be reading Build With Living Stones by Daria Mitchell . Classes will begin Monday, August 28th with a week off for Thanksgiving. The course will end December 9th.

Francesca Wigle, TSSF, and FAN Action Commissioner will be the facilitator. If you would like to learn more or sign up for the class, please email her at