The Sultan and the Saint has been a Blessing

FAN's collaboration with UPF to promote the docudrama, The Sultan and the Saint, has been a blessing. The film's message of peace through encounter comes at a time when violence against Muslims has increased, and Christians, especially Franciscans, are challenged to reach out in friendship. Through the power of God's love, genuine listening and dialogue can change minds and hearts, calming fears and creating bonds of mutual respect which lead to peace.

Here is what people are saying about the Sultan and the Saint:

"I can’t stop thinking about the film. I think if we could get people to see the film and talk about it - we could start a dialogue. What surprised me most about the film is how much Christianity was influenced by Islam, the call to prayer, praying directly to God, the general kindness that reflects the actual teachings of Christ."
Marie Stella, Richmond, VA

“The thing I appreciated the second time was the quality of the acting. The non verbal acting was like "a picture is worth a 1000 words." It carried the meaning of the film forward.”
Friar Maury Smith, OFM Sacred Heart Province

"What surprised me most about the film was seeing the parallels drawn between the 99 names of God and the divine praises. We should be about peace making. The notion of using religion to make war is inconsistent with the beliefs of both Islam and Christianity."
Mary Anne Eckstein, St. Louis, MO
"In my opinion the most important lesson of the film is prayer is a unifying element of different religions. This story says we can do better than just tolerate each other - we can share God's Love. It was good to see prayer in a very positive, powerful and hopeful way."
Paul Schlunt, San Diego, CA

"What this film says about the relationship between Christians and Muslims today is if leaders of two faiths during the crusades could make peace, so can we today! I was happy to see so many people gather, unified in support of the film. We all are brothers and sisters, all related, one family. Great! Powerful!"
Alice Settle-Raskin, Washington, D.C.
"This story says about the potential relationship between Christians and Muslims that there is much common ground and richness that could be experienced if only there was more conversation. Similar to the aspirations of Francis and the Sultan, I desire for peace."
Chris Benson, Detroit, MI
"I like to hope, and pray that I seek peace as actively as Francis and the Sultan. This film says the relationship between Christians and Muslims can be peaceful! There is hope, when we cling to the peace which both faiths believe is central to what God wants for us."
Lisa Durkee, Boston, MA

"The most important lesson of the film is communication - listening and understanding what the other has to say. Regarding the potential relationship between Christians and Muslims, this story says there are multiple ways of collaboration."
 Ellen Goldberg, Houston, TX
"The story of this film says there is potential for true love among ALL humans, not just Christians and Muslims. The one thing I learned is that two good men, in the right positions, can do remarkable things. "
Mel Lipman, Las Vegas, NV

"Attending the showing of the Sultan and the Saint was wondrous! It really opened doors between all the Muslims and Christians in the room about how we could work together for peace."
Francesca Wigle, TSSF, Austin, TX

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