Sign up to Host a Catholic Climate Petition Drive at your Parish

Now is the moment to bring our faith to the table. This November, world leaders will be meeting in Paris at the COP21 Climate Summit to negotiate a treaty to address this climate crisis. We have an opportunity to speak as one Catholic people, 1.2 billion strong, to send a resounding message that climate action must be taken. Our futures and our children’s futures depend on it.

Developed by the Global Catholic Climate Movement and endorsed by Pope Francis and many others, the Catholic Climate Petition is a way for the Catholic community to send this message. By presenting over a million signatures to world leaders in November, we can show that Catholics around the world are watching to make sure our common home will be safeguarded. In the middle of the Season of Creation, we are promoting petition drives at parishes nation wide as a step you can take to put your faith in to action.

Sign up here to host a petition drive at your parish the weekend of September 12-13.