Sign up to Fast for the Climate

Lifestyle change and spiritual conversion are necessary in addition to structural reforms for the Climate Crisis to be averted. Fasting has always been a way for individuals to make a statement, stand in solidarity with others (especially the marginalized or maltreated) and deepen one’s prayer or spiritual life. 

With this in mind, FAN has begun organizing a 10-day fast coordinated with a global fast already underway through the #FastForTheClimate campaign and will involve a water-only fast as well as a fast from gratuitous carbon emitting activities. You can fast for one day or all ten days or any amount in between.

In Washington, DC, the fast will be underway following a press conference on September 14th.  Throughout the duration of the fast, there will be a public art display at McPherson Square in Washington, DC to showcase the devastating effect the climate crisis has on some areas of our world. Each night, at 6:30pm, there will be an interfaith prayer service where we spiritually ban together in hope to bring about change. The fast will be broken after an interfaith prayer service near the National Mall at John Marshall Place Park on September 23rd.  

As your health and abilities allow, please consider this open invitation to fast for our common home and encourage others to do the same.  You can use this same form to sign up to fast in DC or remotely as a show of solidarity and support to those who have been harmed by the our collective lack of care to the world around us.

For those wishing to join the fast in DC, fill out the form and please contact Rhett Engelking at