Selections of Prayers for the Earth

Selections of prayers for the earth on the occasion of the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi:

That we as Christians may respond to the urgent call of Pope Francis to safeguard God’s creation and stand in solidarity with all human and non-human inhabitants of the earth. We pray to the Lord.

That, inspired by the example of St. Francis of Assisi – the Patron Saint of ecology – each of us might become instruments of God’s healing for our imperiled planet and its inhabitants. We pray to the Lord.

For our children and grandchildren, whose future is threatened by a progressive destruction of the Earth’s ecosystems, that we may pass to future generations the gift of the Earth, healed and abundant with life. We pray to the Lord.

That we may allow the witness of St. Francis of Assisi to challenge us to respond to global climate change by promoting justice, fostering respect for life, and transforming the institutions and structures of our society to act as stewards of our earth and all living creatures. We pray to the Lord.

That the human family may gain wisdom and courage to treat the non-human inhabitants of the earth with respect, empathy, and concern. We pray to the Lord.

For individuals and organizations – secular and ecclesiastic – that have been acting as stewards of the Earth, its environment and its inhabitants. We pray to the Lord.

Heavenly Father, bless us as we celebrate your creation and worship you as Creator of the Universe.  May we recognize that our planet and its environment are your special gift to us. May we always see it as a treasure of great worth that you have entrusted to us.  Help us to be ever mindful of our responsibility as stewards of this treasure. We seek your continued guidance and blessing on us and all of your creation. We ask this in your Holy Name.