Revolution of Tenderness: A 2016 Voter Election Guide

As we live out this Jubilee Year of Mercy and the United States enters into the 2016 election season, Americans face a myriad of choices between competing visions for our nation’s future. As Catholics, we are called by our faith to engage in this election. Pope Francis says that “a good Catholic meddles in politics, offering the best of one’s self so that those who govern can govern well.”

We engage in this political process not because we’re partisan, but because we’re Christian. As a nonpartisan non profit organization, we do not endorse any specific candidate.

The voter guide attached below was put together for your prayerful reflection by a coalition of national Catholic organizations including FAN. It contains sections on the political issues facing this country. Guided by Catholic Social Teaching, it offers questions to ponder on how candidates are speaking about these issues.

We invite all our members to engage in using this guide, or something similar in order to make conscientious choices when voting this November.