Press Statement: Franciscan Action Network State of the Union Response

Washington, D.C. - "In Tuesday’s State of the Union address, the President talked about uniting the country. This is certainly a noble goal and in this day and age of bitter partisanship an absolute necessity. However, we question what the President means when he talks about uniting the country. As I listened, I couldn’t help but be reminded of Pope Francis’ joint address to Congress in 2015 in which he spoke of the virtues of four great Americans and challenged us to look beyond our differences. In his speech, the President used the word “unity,” and I hope that his words have deeper meaning. But the rhetoric he used contained more divisive language and half-truths. To be clear: detainees in Guantanamo Bay deserve due process, there is no 'war on American Energy,' and DREAMERS are not gang members. If the President is serious about truly uniting the country, he needs to look to Pope Francis’ example and give up his hateful rhetoric of division and find a path forward that truly unites each and every American." -- Patrick Carolan Executive Director Franciscan Action Network


Inspired by the Gospel of Jesus, and the example of Saints Francis and Clare, the Franciscan Action Network (FAN) is a collective Franciscan voice seeking to transform United States public policy related to peace making, care for creation, poverty, and human rights. For more information: