Press Release: Franciscans Join Faith Leaders in Calling for Action on Gun Violence

Franciscans Join Faith Leaders in Calling for Action on Gun Violence

FAN Joins Rally and Sign on Letter Urging House of Representatives to Act

July 6, 2016

Washington, D.C. - The Franciscan Action Network joined 26 other Washington, D.C. faith based advocacy organizations this morning urging Congress to pass meaningful legislation to prevent gun violence. A sign on letter was delivered to each Congressional office just as FAN and other advocates joined a rally in front of the Capitol calling on Congress to act.

“Mass shootings have become an everyday occurrence in the United States.” said Sr. Marie Lucey, FAN Director of Advocacy, “Thoughts and prayers are no longer enough. Gun violence is a pro-life issue and Congress must act immediately.”

In addition to the sign on letter and rally, Franciscans across the country from Ohio to Florida delivered a letter from their congregations to their member of Congress during the Congressional recess calling on the House to pass legislation that would stop gun violence..

While different gun violence proposals have been put forward, FAN and the faith based advocates are urging Congress to both expand comprehensive background checks on all gun purchases and to put a ban on high capacity weapons and magazines. Any piece of legislation that does not address these key components we fear would not be enough to prevent future violence.


Inspired by the Gospel of Jesus, and the example of Saints Francis and Clare, the Franciscan Action Network (FAN) is a collective Franciscan voice seeking to transform United States public policy related to peace making, care for creation, poverty, and human rights.