Press Release: Franciscans disgusted by Trump staffer’s anti-Catholic statement

August 25, 2016
For Immediate Release

Franciscans disgusted by Trump staffer’s anti-Catholic statement

Not only is the statement anti-Catholic, it is also anti-immigrant and racist

Washington, D.C.—The Franciscan Action Network is appalled by Donald Trump consultant Steve Bannon’s recent comment that the Catholic Church only supports immigration reform in the United States because “the Church is dying.” The statement smacks of anti-Catholic, anti-immigrant, racist undertones. Anti-Catholicism was once an ugly part of our nation’s history, but no matter one’s background or place of origin, the Catholic Church in the United States has always been a Church of immigrants and has “Welcomed the Stranger” as Jesus commanded.

“Pope Francis has called on us to build bridges and not walls,” said Franciscan Action Network’s Executive Director Patrick Carolan. “In the past Donald Trump has attacked the Pope, and now his campaign is going after the Church itself. Enough is enough.”

Our country has a history of racism and Catholics and people of faith must speak out as the Trump campaign continues to disparage women, minorities, different religions, and the disabled. The future of our democracy depends on the ability to have a free exchange of ideas without resorting to name calling or discrimination against different groups.


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