Press Release: Franciscans Decry Decision to Pull out of Nuclear Accord

Immediate Release
May 9, 2018
Media Contact: Janine Walsh, (203) 685-1856

Franciscans Decry Decision to Pull out of Nuclear Accord

Washington, DC - Yesterday, President Trump made an announcement that removes the U.S. from engaging in collaborative dialogue and the world one giant step further away from peace.  

Franciscan Action Network (FAN) is deeply troubled by the President’s announcement that the United States will pull out of the 2015 nuclear accord with Iran and reinstate all sanctions against the people of Iran. The President made his decision despite the advice of his own Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State and the United Nations’ Nuclear Monitoring Agency who all concluded that Iran has respected the terms of the accord. The President also ignored the recommendation of United States allies to continue with the agreement.

Peace advocates consider the Iran nuclear agreement as an important diplomatic accomplishment and a critical step away from nuclear proliferation and toward nuclear disarmament. It strengthened the commitment of the international community to dialogue and negotiates rather than the use of military force as a means of resolving conflict.

The President’s decision to pull the U.S. out of the agreement sends a message to the rest of the world that any agreement entered in to with the U.S. will not be honored. This further erodes the credibility of our country and serves to isolate the United States further from our NATO allies and our otherwise globalized society.

As Franciscans and Franciscan hearted people who strive to live the Gospel message we recognize that a peaceful world requires a persistent determination for peace which was undermined yesterday by President Trump.