PRESS RELEASE: Franciscans Declare Vote on Continuing Resolution a Moral Failure

Immediate Release

January 22, 2018 

Franciscans Declare Vote on Continuing Resolution a Moral Failure

Recommit to continued pressure on Congress to pass the Dream Act 

Washington, D.C. - The Senate this afternoon voted to support a proposal by Republican Leader Mitch McConnell to end the government shutdown without any resolution of key issue priorities, including the bipartisan Dream Act and disaster relief for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.  Politics prevailed over concern for human lives. While Franciscans are deeply disappointed with this outcome, they are determined to continue to advocate for the passage of a clean Dream Act now.

“The most important commandment in our Christian faith is the commandment to love both God and neighbor,” states Sr. Marie Lucey, Franciscan Action Network Associate Director. “President Trump recently stated that the solution for Dreamers would be one of love. Then he listened to nativist advisors in the White House and ended DACA, pushing a decision to Congress. At least 17,000 Dreamers have already lost DACA protection. The vote today explicitly leaves hundreds of thousands of young people without a permanent legislative solution that offers a pathway to citizenship. It also fails to give desperately needed disaster assistance to our fellow citizens in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. This is no way to love. Rather, it was a political vote that indicated a failure of moral leadership.” 

Senator McConnell promised a vote on Dreamer legislation before February 8th.  Recent history makes us skeptical.  Over 100 Dreamers per day continue to fall out of protected status, losing their ability to work and opening them up to immediate detention and deportation. Today, we recommit ourselves to continue to engage our networks in pressing members of Congress, especially Speaker Ryan and Senator McConnell, to take moral leadership and pass legislation that provides disaster relief and the Dream Act which opens a clear pathway to citizenship.  Act out of love, not partisan politics and fear.